How to Get a Job After Military Service

With more than 3 million former service members transitioning into civilian life every year, it has become one of the most common paths to employment. But what many of these people don’t know is that there are ways to find a job that includes serving our country. In this article, we will help you find a job after military service that works well for you.

Getting A Job After Military Service

America’s military has long been a source of high-paying civilian jobs for those who have served. But in the wake of the recent wars, the number of people who are eligible for such jobs has dwindled. The jobs themselves are also becoming more specialized and complex, which can make it difficult for veterans to find a role they’re interested in and that pays enough to live on. It can be even harder if they have been dishonorably discharged as well, so it is important they read up on this process, they can click here to learn more, so they are prepared and can deal with the aftermath.

Approximately 1 million soldiers leave the military every year, and many are looking for new jobs or taking other steps to better their futures. Given the numerous challenges they face finding work and making the transition to civilian life, we decided it would be helpful to provide some of the ways on how to get a job after military service:

  • Get VMET to verify yourself. The way the military has used formalized education and training, the Army will rely more on verifying your skill set with the Verification of Military Experience and Training, or VMET. The idea is to verify your knowledge, skills, and experience with the civilian equivalent job titles you can use and to make sure your military training and experience are relevant to these civilian jobs.
  • Get an assessment. The first step to secure a profession after your service is finding the right job for your skills, and that’s where the military job assessment comes in. This test was designed to help determine your career path, so any veteran who wants to stay in the military can take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Translate your experience through COOL. There are lots of ways to get a job after military service, but one of the easiest is to be credentialed with COOL or Credentialing Opportunities Online. Credentialing is a process of educating employers about your experience and skills, so they can recognize your experience and credentials and look for you. The employer is also likely to conduct background checks, by engaging Checkr or similar companies, to ensure that the information you provide is credible.
  • Assess the options. If you’re looking for a job when you leave the military, there are many options to consider. There are jobs that are very different from what you were doing before you joined the military, which may be something you want to explore.
  • Find employment by researching Military Recruiters. There are many resources and support services to help veterans find employment. So how do you become employable if you have a military background? Well, you will need to research for military recruiters. You can find a recruiter in your area by searching for military recruiters and visiting the Federal register’s jobs for veterans (FV) list.
  • It’s time for a job search. After your military service is complete, you will be facing the job hunt. Your resume, experience, and your performance in the military will be the only things that are going to help you get a job. There are endless ways to get a job after military service. Employment agencies, school placement offices, community organizations, and employment counselors may all be able to help you find a job or obtain valuable career information.
  • Take advantage of veteran status. As a veteran of the US armed forces, you have a skill set that can’t be taught. This means that every aspect of your life means something to your employer, from how you handle yourself in a job interview to how you treat other people. This job search couldn’t be easier. Take some time to really think about what you want out of your next job and how you can present yourself as the perfect candidate for the role. On the other hand, sometimes this can be used against a potential employee with employers not hiring them because of them being in the military or because of their gender, etc. So, it would be a wise choice to look into an employment discrimination lawyer California firm or a firm in their area so they can tackle this head-on and be given the chance to be employed like everybody else.

Many organizations are committed to helping veterans find good jobs. Organizations like Help a Vet, CIA Workforce, US Vets, and Veteran Job Centers help veterans in getting a job after military service. Some organizations like Help a Vet and CIA Workforce only provide job placement assistance, and others like US Vets and Veteran Job Centers have a full-service employment program. Helping your veteran is a way to help yourself as well.

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