About This Journal

As you may have already read that this blog is a passion project formed from my love of writing in my own personal journal. I have always kept a journal with me at all times throughout my life, to let out my frustrations and happy thoughts whenever I feel the urge to write them down. Well, now I thought it was about time for a new adventure and thus I have created CI-Journal for all my facts and advice to be put down onto. I love reading other people’s blogs so I thought why not give it a try!

Hi, my name is Chloe Ingram, and I am a 32-year-old, pharmacist, wife, and mum of two living in Hull, England. I have a healthy social life and I love going out for coffee, walks in the park, or out to a restaurant/bar in the evening, that is of course when I managed to get some babysitters for the little ones!

I always try to give my kids healthy and nutritious meals so that they can grow up with the knowledge of how to eat well throughout their lives, which is something that I had to learn on my own as an adult! I have struggled with bulimia from a young age and although I have had it under control for the past 8 years, it still shows me how much I want to educate my children on healthy eating and body image. I should be doing a couple of posts on this but I will just note that they are going to be more factual and are not necessarily about my personal situation and journey, I may have to start a different blog to write about that kind of experience! 

I would like to finish this page with me saying thank you for reading and I hope you find enjoyment and useful information from my blog.